Shacking Up Review


Helena Hunting is back with another kick butt novel. I know I say this every time she releases a book, but this time it holds more weight than ones before. Shacking Up is one of my favorite stories by Hunting. It has the usually Hunting RomCom feel and storyline, but also the story hits home a little and gives you hope for your own future.


I love Ruby. She is spunky, no filter, honest, driven, determined and human. Hunting isn’t afraid to write her characters with insecurities either. Ruby is scared that she isn’t cut out for Broadway and she starts to question herself. She wonders if she should just throw in the towel and go back home to work for her dad. That personally hit home for me trying to figure out what I am doing in my life. You have your sight set on something but it seems like the universe is out to get you and throw up every obstacle in your way. It was great to be able to relate to a story this way when it’s something a huge as your future. I also enjoyed watching Ruby step out of her comfort zone a little bit when she ends of getting a cool job.


What is there to say about Bane? That man is sex on legs. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, he has a kick butt personality as well. He also has some amazing nontraditional animals that live with him as well. From the very beginning, Bane is an interesting one. Kissing a random stranger, who you keep thinking about, who turns out to be the best friend of your cousin’s fiancé. Seriously how does that happen lol?


The relationship between Bane and Ruby is pure gold. You are frustrated alongside them as they are with one another. They are hard core flirting with each other because most of their “friend”ship happens across the pond. Bane is traveling for work and Ruby is watching his pets. You just want to shake them both and tell them to take it to the next level. But what happens when Bane finally comes home? Does he put his money where his mouth is and steps up with Ruby or does Ruby’s insecurities get the best of her.


Hunting’s does not disappoint in this novel. She is able to capture you from the very beginning of the story. She has you even forgetting that you are reading a novel. She makes you feel that YOU are Ruby instead. That the story is happening around you with you in the middle. This is one of the things that I love so much about Hunting. I find that it’s a talent that not every author can do but she does it so well. Shacking Up is a novel that I will read again again so I can fall in love with Ruby and Bane all over again.




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